Here's a sample of Dr. Ash's published writing.

Available Online

Ash, G. E., Kuhn, M. R., & Walpole, S. (2009). Analyzing “inconsistencies” in practice:  Teachers’ continued use of round robin reading.  Reading and Writing Quarterly, 25 (1), 87-103.

Ash, G. E., & Kuhn, M. R. (2006). Meaningful oral and silent reading in the elementary and middle school classroom: Breaking the round robin reading addiction.  In T. Rasinski, C. Blachowicz, & R. Lems (Eds.), Fluency Instruction: Research-based Best Practices (pp. 155-172).  New York, NY:  Guilford Press.

Ash, G. E. (2005, October).  What did Abigail mean?  Literal, inferential, and critical comprehension instruction for adolescent readers.  Educational Leadership, 63 (2), 36-41.

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Ash, G. E.  (2005, March).  Living with hope, rather than doubt:  Classroom assessment of adolescent literacy learning.  Adolescent Literacy in Perspective. ADLIT: Advancing Adolescent Literacy Instruction Together.  Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading.

Ash, G. E.  (2004).   White Paper: Everything secondary administrators need to know, but are afraid to ask:  Understanding pragmatic adolescent literacy planning. Chicago, IL:  North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

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Ash, G. E., & Baumann, J. F. (2017).  Vocabulary and comprehension: The nexus of meaning.  In S. Israel (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Reading Comprehension (2nd Ed.) (pp. 377-405).  New York, NY: Guilford Press.

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