Quality literacy professional development, for professionals.


Too often teachers are told what to do, rather than treated as educated professionals who are experts in their field and capable of making effective and informed decisions about the instruction that they conduct in their classrooms.  Professional development should be education and not training.

Quality professional development regards teachers as knowledgeable professionals and supports them in creating localized recipes that capitalize on their strengths and fit the needs of their students and school community, grounded in research-based, theoretically-sound practices.

In the Muddle™ Consulting provides quality literacy professional development for schools, teachers, and community groups.

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Gwynne Ellen Ash, Ph.D., is the creator and leader of In The Muddle™ Consulting.  A former Title I middle school reading teacher, Dr. Ash has focused her professional life on supporting teachers, to help them develop the best literacy instruction for their students in their schools. 

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